Authorized Tower Climber and Rescue Training Course





Authorized Tower Climber and Rescue

This course is designed for experienced climbers who have supervisory level responsibilities on the job site. This course augments the authorized tower climber course through the following: applicable rescue regulations; fall hazard assessments and fall protection procedures; detailed inspection of fall protection and rescue equipment components and systems; determining when systems are unsafe; calculated clearances for various systems; fall protection rescue procedures and the selection and use of non-certified anchorages. This course is comprised of both classroom theory and practical exercises.

Applicable Regulations
Responsible Persons
Industry Standards
Anchorage Connectors
Connector Compatibility
Suspension Trauma
Calculated Clearances
Rope & Knots
MBS and Knot Reduction Calculations Safe
Load Limits & Working Load Limits
Controlled Decent Devices
Self Rescue
Structural & Environmental Hazards
Fall Hazard Assessments
Pre-Climb Checklist
Suspended Rescue
Mechanical Advantage
Inspection, Care & Maintenance

Size: 8 students to 1 instructor
Time: 24 hours