Competent Tower Climber and Rescue Training Course






Competent Tower Climber and Rescue – $1095

This course is designed for experienced climbers who have supervisory level responsibilities on the job site. This course augments the authorized tower climber course through the following: applicable rescue regulations; fall hazard assessments and fall protection procedures; detailed inspection of fall protection and rescue equipment components and systems; determining when systems are unsafe; calculated clearances for various systems; fall protection rescue procedures and the selection and use of non-certified anchorages. This course is comprised of both classroom theory and practical exercises.

Applicable Regulations
Responsible Persons
Industry Standards
Anchorage Connectors
Connector Compatibility
Suspension Trauma
Calculated Clearances
Rope & Knots
MBS and Knot Reduction Calculations Safe
Load Limits & Working Load Limits
Controlled Decent Devices
Self Rescue
Structural & Environmental Hazards
Fall Hazard Assessments
Pre-Climb Checklist
Suspended Rescue
Mechanical Advantage
Inspection, Care & Maintenance

Size: 8 students to 1 instructor
Time: 24 hours