Radio Frequency Safety Awareness Train-the-Trainer Course with RFSO Certification and RF Hazard Control Program


1 Day Course.  All dates listed are course start dates.



Radio Frequency Safety Awareness

The RF Safety Awareness Trainer Course Program provides students with the teaching tools and methods to provide in-house
RF Site Safety Awareness training.  Students who successfully complete this course will be recognized as an RF Site Safety
Awareness Trainer in accordance with applicable OSHA and FCC regulations.  Trainers will be able to conduct classes, which meet the individual needs of their organizations and customers. Written examinations are administered as to ensure the objectives presented in the course have been achieved.  Documentation is available to satisfy organization’s due diligence and regulatory requirements.

Previous experience in adult skill-oriented training.
Students must be employed by an organization.
Trainers must sign a training license agreement prior to enrollment.

Learning Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, Trainers will have the necessary materials to teach RF/EME principles, which include RF/EME exposure, health affects as well as appropriate control measures to their company’s employees. Materials distributed
during this course include presentations, exams, outlines, lesson plans, student manuals and documentation records. Trainers will be able to deliver training for RF Site Safety Awareness using Pacific Safety Solutions student manuals and materials.

OSHA Regulation
FCC Technical Bulletins
Training Requirements
Maximum Permissible Exposure Limit
Controlled Environments
Uncontrolled Environments
RF/EME Health Affects
Non-Ionizing Radiation vs. Ionizing Radiation
Contact Current
Induced Current
RF Monitors
Signs and Signage
Multi-Employer Roles and Responsibilities
Role of a Radio Frequency Safety Officer

Time:  This course takes 8 hours to complete

Students Will Also Receive a Flash Drive Loaded With the Following:

Microsoft Power Point Slide Presentation
RF Site Safety Awareness Course Outline
Roster and Exam
Pacific Safety Solutions direct phone number for On-Going Technical and Training Support
.doc version of Radio Frequency Hazard Control Program


This course can be added to any Train-the-Trainer course with the lesson and exam completed online, and the trainer material reviewed during the administrative section of another Train-the-Trainer course.  Call or email to discuss details.